First and foremost, both of  my parents are immigrants that migrated to America and became two professionals .
My father became a foreman and industrial concrete engineer .
My mother became a nurse and provided everything for me

I have been with my wife for 23 years.
I am the father of three beautiful children.
I was primarily raised in Brooklyn New York.
and graduated from Franklin D Roosevelt high school .
I also attended Kings Borough community colleges and receive a certificate in business management. Thereafter I attended Interboro community college and received a degree in opticianary or ophthalmic dispensing
I purchased my first property 2000 , it was a foreclosure for $150,000. we then rented and sold the home for $260,000 2years later, and that my friends is what started my real estate investment career.
I then started my own company called world key Corp . I purchased homes ,rented them and eventually sold them. I moved to Orlando Florida in 2005 .
I opened a branch of World Key Corp there.
I started purchasing and managing properties. I also did business consulting.
working for small private investors and companies in Orlando .
Orlando was a Goldmine for me and my family from 2005 to approximately 2009,I did very well bringing my personal wealth and portfolio close to 3.5 Mil
With the economic tsunami that hit the real estate market starting in 2008 .
my own personal economic distress began during this time of uncertainty. much of my personal wealth was exhausted by trying to maintain investment properties and businesses.
I reside in Miami, my very last stop .
I am planning the future for myself and family, by the only way I know how, and that is to actually work as hard as I can to provide for their  future.